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Here are some of our frequently asked questions, if you do have any other questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Do I need a full bladder?

If you are coming for an Early Scan and you are under 15 weeks, then yes, you will need a full bladder. If you are attending the clinic for a Gender scan or a 4D scan, then you do NOT need a full bladder.



What is the difference between 3D, 4D and HD-Live?

A 2D ultrasound is the standard procedure used during obstetric ultrasound. It is used to produce 2 dimensional images of what is happening inside the mothers and baby's body. The ultrasound used to make the 4D/HD-Live images is the same as that used in the 2D black and white images you see in the hospital. We use a special probe, and the machines software processes the images differently to make a 4D image. 4D is simply a moving 3D image, the live scan that you see on the screen is called 4D, and the still images we print out are 3D. HD is another version of 4D providing clearer pictures. Again it is simply a moving 3D image.


When is best to have a 3D/4D scan?


A 4D scan can be done at any time in your pregnancy from 16 weeks. For the best results we advise at having your scan done between 27 and 33 weeks, though scans outside of this range can still give fantastic results.

What factors can affect my scan?

The quality of the images can be affected by a few different factors. The position that baby is in at the time of the scan can affect the images we can obtain. If baby isn’t in the right position we will ask you to move around to try to get baby to move position. Your placenta can also affect the scan if your baby’s face is touching it, once again we would ask you to move around to try to get baby to move if this is the case. BMI of mummy can also affect the images that we can obtain, this is because ultrasound uses sound waves that have to travel through the tissue, the higher the amount of tissue the further they have to travel, therefore the less clear the image will be. 


How old do I have to be?

Precious Glimpse only offers scans to expectant mothers that are over the age of 18. We will ask for your date of birth when you are completing your client information form on arrival, we may need proof of age should staff have any element of doubt or queries around this. On some occasions we will ask at the time of booking. 

Unfortunately we will not be able to provide a scan should you be under 18.

What if I don’t wish to know the gender of the baby?


If you don’t want to know the gender of your baby please let your ultrasound technician know and they will base the majority of the scan around the facial features

Interval between successive scans?

The safety of our clients and their pregnancies are of paramount importance to us. We advise  that scans are booked with a 2 week minimum interval so that we can obtain accurate information and that national safety guidance principles are adhered to.



Who can I bring to my appointment?

COVID UPDATE - Please note that we are currently limiting numbers to reduce footfall in the studios, this is to keep staff and clients safe whilst in the premises. Please call or email to find out how many visitors you can bring with you to your appointment. 

Our scanning room can seat up to 6 people. However, if you do wish for more people to attend please contact us and we will try our best to meet your requirement. Children are more than welcome to come along!



What should I bring with me?


On the day of the scan you do not need to bring anything with you. If you are coming for an Early Pregnancy Scan, all you will need is a full bladder. We do not need to see any hospital notes.  



Can I use this scan in place of a hospital scan?


No. Precious Glimpse offers you the scan with the understanding that you are receiving the appropriate ante-natal care and have had a normal hospital scan. Under no circumstances should a Precious Glimpse scan be used in place of your hospital ultrasound scan.


Will my scan detect any abnormalities?


Precious Glimpse is a non-diagnostic and non-medical scanning studio. All mothers should attend their routine hospital scans. We do not provide anomaly reports. However, should we detect a problem, we will, with your permission, refer you to the relevant department within the NHS.

Can you scan Twins/Triplets​

Yes. However, twins/triplets can get quite cosy in your womb and cuddle up to each other, so if you are considering a 3D/4D scan, the best time would be between 22 and 26 weeks gestation. Twin/triplet gender scans can be done from 16 weeks. There is a £20 twin supplement which is added on to the scan package.

Can I hear my babies heartbeat?

Hearing your baby's heartbeat is a beautiful thing and there's nothing quite like hearing that thudding sound that sounds either like a train chugging or sometimes galloping horses.

We often get asked if baby's heartbeat can be heard during a scan. The answer is Yes, but not in the first trimester as a part of an early pregnancy scan. Why? You may ask..

The first trimester is a vital stage in development and the tiny little heart is only a few cells thick. It is a miracle that we can actually see these tiny hearts flickering away at anything from 110-180 beats per minute (bpm). To listen to a baby's heart beat using ultrasound we would need to use pulse wave doppler which on an ultrasound machine is a bit stronger than a hand help doppler that your midwife would use. Because baby's heart is so tiny and developing at this stage it is just best to wait until a bit later and after this early development stage to avoid any potential risks. 

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